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Wiki password/invite key = agile

Press the 'Edit Page' button in this page.

When prompted enter your name, email, Invite key mentiond above.

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Registration list


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  1. Siddharta Govindaraj, Silverstripe Software, Chennai Agile User Group Coordinator
  2. Narain, Founder & CEO - 360 Degree Interactive, Open Standards Evengelist
  3. Azagappan, Shanmugam, - Azagu's World Agile Enthusiast
  4. Syed Nazir Razik, - Fuente Systems Inc, Project Management with Agile
  5. Balaji Sowmyanarayanan - Blog, Agile principles for not just software development.
  6. Balachander Swaminathan Thoughworks
  7. Hariharan KR, h.kadirangaraj@gmail.com
  8. Sriram V, Accenture
  9. Padmapriya.N, Cognizant
  10. Deepak.P.U,http://www.excelacom.com,">Excelacom,pudeepak at the rate of gmail.com
  11. Raj Madhuram C, Blog, Impiger, raj@impigertech.com, Programming is agile!
  12. Ahmad, ahmad@360in.com
  13. Rajat Bhadani. Blog & Website Designer, An Agile enthusiast
  14. Saji V R, Impiger, saji.ravikumar@impigertech.com, Agile enthusiast
  15. Manoharan Vivek , Staffordshire University, mviiveek@gmail.com
  16. Ronald Jacob R, Impiger Technologies, ronald.jacob@impigertech.com
  17. Balakumar Muthu, SweetCircles.com, LoveLogger.com
  18. Sasi Kumar S, sasi_ecommerce@yaoo.com, An agile enthusiast
  19. Murali Venugopal, murali.venugopal@gmail.com, Sify Tech. Ltd.
  20. Srinivasan Rakhunathan, srinivasan.rakhunathan@wipro.com, Wipro technologies
  21. Komethagavel Chinnusamy, Komethagavel.Chinnusamy@wipro.com, Wipro Technologies
  22. Lakshmimala Bhat, lakshmimala.bhat@wipro.com, Wipro Technologies
  23. Ramya A S, ramya.singaravelu@wipro.com, Wipro Technologies
  24. Padma Priya D, Paddamvas007@yahoo.com, An Agile enthusiast
  25. Sekar Sundaram sekar@amadasoft.co.in Amada Soft India
  26. Sury Balasubramanian, Gaea Global Technologies
  27. sathyavathi,sathiyavathi@gmail.com An Agile enthusiast
  28. Senthil Kumar R, Impiger Technologies, senthil.ranganathan@impigertech.com
  29. R.Denesh Kumar rdenesh@gmail.com @ Imedia Pvt Ltd
  30. Muthukumar.S mkumar vj at gmail com Excelacom
  31. Ganesh APP, Blog
  32. Mahesh Komuravelli, Impiger Technologies, mahesh.komuravelli@impigertech.com
  33. Jayakumar,Impiger Technologies,Jayakumar.ramesh@impigertech.com
  34. Mohan Sidhan, CEO, Vyosoft Solutions Private Limited, Chennai, mohan@vyosoft.com
  35. Arul Kumaran, Coastal Training Technologies, Chennai. arulkumaran.p@gmail.com
  36. ElayaKumar, Coastal Training Technologies, Chennai. solomonde2000@gmail.com
  37. Bharath Kumar, Coastal Training Technologies, Chennai. bharathkumar2007@gmail.com
  38. Karthikeyan.N; Vyosoft Solutions Private Ltd, Chennai; karthikeyan.nagarajan@vyosoft.com.
  39. Siva, DuraSoft; siva.durasoft@gmail.com
  40. S.D.Suresh Babu, Mascon Global Limited, sdsbabu@gmail.com


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