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Previous Events


Martin Fowler Feb 2008


Small is Beautiful – The Evolution of Agile to Complex, Multi-Project Environments


Talk by Sanjiv Augustine – President, LitheSpeed


Date and Venue:

22 Feb 2008 - Gandhinagar Club, Adayar. 6:00pm


Map to the venue


How to: Register.


Duration: 2 Hours


Over the past years, successful practitioners have applied Agile methods like Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP) on individual projects to cut development lead times, improve product quality and reduce engineering cost. For instance, time-to-market reductions in the range of 30-50% have been reported by leading companies. Now, as these practitioners seek to expand on their initial successes, they face many complex obstacles posed by the realities of today’s business environment: distributed teams, outsourced development, interfacing with ‘non-agile’ vendors and customer organizations, continued cost cutting, complex product suites, and the pressing need for innovation.


How can agile practitioners apply the fundamental tenets of Agile – integrated small teams, small releases, sufficient-to- purpose, etc – to provide the next round of significant returns from their Agile investment?Sanjiv Augustine of LitheSpeed will lead a workshop discussion on adopting a philosophy of smallness within bigness to allow the scaling of Agile practices beyond individual projects to deliver process improvements in complex environments with multiple projects and products.


Agile software development is increasingly adopted as a balanced way to create software. A method that acknowledges the inherent nature of software - change. The agile principles oulined in Agile Manifesto plays a pivotal role in the revolution.


Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN) was founded in 2004 by a group of people who are active in writing about, practicing, and evangelizing the movement towards fast, flexible, customer value driven approaches to leading projects of many types. Although this organization is separate from the Agile Alliance, their intention is to work closely with that group within the software community, but also work with people and companies outside of software and IT to help them become better Project Leaders.


About Sanjiv Augustine, President, LitheSpeed


An industry-leading agile and lean expert, Sanjiv is a co-founder and board member of the Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN). He is also the author of several publications and the book Managing Agile Projects (Prentice Hall 2005); and the founder and moderator of the Yahoo! Agile Project Management discussion group. He presents regularly at several agile conferences worldwide, and project management conferences including Project World and Project Summit. Sanjiv has assisted clients in deploying agile and lean methodologies at many institutions large and small. As a management coach and consultant, he has advised in the enterprise rollout and adoption of Scrum at several Fortune 250 companies. As an in-the-trenches practitioner, he has personally rare cards agile projects varying in size from five to over one hundred people and coached numerous project teams. For more information, see Sanjiv’s website: www.sanjivaugustine.com


Venue: Gandhinagar Club, #73 4th Main road, Gandhi nagar, Adayar, Chennai 20

Date : 22 Feb 2008

Time: 6:30 PM - Networking over High Tea 6:00pm onwards.


Registration required. Charges: Free.


For queries about the event & detail mail Narain (+91-98401 08007) or Siddharta (+91-99400 36487)

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